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How To Masturbate To Feel More Pleasure

Masturbation is perfect for your health, it increases your self-esteem, and it increases your dopamine and helps you to get to know you better. Being able to enjoy sexuality begins by being able to know your own body that is why it is essential to learn new techniques to obtain more and more pleasure.

Although whenever you think about masturbation, you think about the loneliness that does not have to be this way. Masturbation is a great sexual game to enjoy as a couple, either as a preliminary or as an end in itself. Learning new tricks to masturbate will incredibly improve your sex life.

If you wonder how to masturbate with fingers to feel more pleasure, whether you are a boy or a girl, then in here we explain it to you to discover new limits and continue experimenting with your body.

How to feel more pleasure when masturbating if you are a woman

Take it easy

With wanting is not necessary, to feel more joy masturbating you must be excited and to get it you should not set limits. You can use your imagination, relive past experiences, watch some pornographic movie; anything that excites you is welcome. You should know that not all women react the same. Maybe you take a little time to lubricate, or you need more.  If this happens, the use of lubricants can make your masturbation an enjoyable experience.

Try different movements

The clitoris is something magical, a point that hides incredible peaks of pleasure. To take advantage of its full potential, you must stimulate it in different ways, masturbating with different movements and playing with it.

The ways to do it are many; you can make circular movements with your fingers around the clitoris, move them up and down, you can even try tapping them gently. What matters is to get the greatest pleasure and only with the variety you will reach it.

Stay open to everything

If you do what you have always done, you will not get different results. If you want to feel more pleasure when masturbating, you should watch how to masturbate educational video. Keep your mind open and without prejudices. Sex toys are a fantastic tool for self-exploration, there are plenty of dildos in the market, and undoubtedly one of them adapts to your tastes and demands. Stimulate the clitoris, touch the G-spot, make vaginal penetrations, you can even try to masturbate by anal penetration and double penetration.

Another aspect in which you can innovate, and that is basic to achieve maximum pleasure in your masturbation is in the postures you use. Get upside down, face-up, squat, on all fours, experiment with your body and your positions to increase the pleasure you feel.

Do not settle for one!

If you follow all the advice we have given you, you are sure to have a great and pleasant orgasm, but when that happens; do not stop! When you reach orgasm, try to reach another, and if you get the second test with a third. Many women have discovered that they are multi-orgasmic while masturbating; after all, the only thing you can get will be a pleasure.

Increase pleasure in masturbation as a man

Test gels and lubricants

It seems to be something reserved only for women or for the sexual act, but even in male masturbation, you can use oils and gels to increase pleasure. The touch is much softer and slippery, so you can notice different sensations than you usually have.

Delays orgasm

The orgasm should not be a goal in itself, but there is to enjoy all the way you walk before reaching it. A great technique to feel more pleasure when you masturbate is to try to delay orgasm. It is achieved by changing the rhythms, not touching you just when you are going to ejaculate. This way, you will lower the excitement, and you will be able to delay the orgasm, which you will continue looking for later. If you manage to delay four times the ejaculation, you will achieve incredible sensations and intense orgasm.

Another technique with which you will achieve greater pleasure is to gently press the testicles just before ejaculating, which will produce a tingling that will increase the sensations of orgasm.

Not only does the hand serve

A great technique to achieve more intense orgasms is not to masturbate with the hand but to do it by other objects and even rubbing. You can use the pillow or the bed and rub your penis against it as if you were having sex. Surely it will take much longer to reach the climax, but the pleasure you will feel will be much higher.