The Anthropology of Sex and How It Can Benefit You

The field of Anthropology is versatile and combines a variety of other disciplines and areas of study. An anthropologist finds themselves in the middle of a culture which helps them understand the environment and practices around them. Through anthropological research, fields that may seem unrelated at first glance are often revealed to be much more interconnected than people think.

Sex, for instance, is practiced for a variety of reasons, namely intimate bonding and procreation. Over centuries, sex has evolved so much that humans don’t even need real people to achieve sexual gratification or feelings of security and love. Especially for those who find it difficult to find a connection, anthropology can help those who suffer from sexual issues discover ways to feel sexually fulfilled. Here are some reasons why the anthropology of sex can benefit you.

Medicine and anthropology

Combining a medical education with anthropology opens up new unique opportunities of study and career. For example, when it comes to the evolution of sexual dysfunction in the modern world, medical professionals can analyze data in hopes of finding any correlation between occurrences in modern society and the rise in these conditions.

In the US, for instance, about 20 million people are at risk for STIs and STDs per year. These infections and diseases can cause health issues and symptoms such as blisters and sores, and spread to affect other sexual partners. HPV can cause cervical cancer in women and over 4,200 will die because of it. By analyzing environmental factors and past research, people may be able to understand the cause of these diseases and find innovative ways to treat them. 

Sexual health and anthropology

Medical professionals often find benefits in the study of the origins of sexual human diseases. With this knowledge, the potential to eradicate or control diseases can be attempted. Besides vaccines, using adult sex dolls can help decrease the number of transmitted diseases and conditions until medical professionals find successful cures.

For some, the anxiety connected to sex can interfere with personal human relationships. It can be caused by physical pain, lack of desire in sex, or can occur as a side-effect to some prescribed medications. If certain sexual anxiety triggers are identified, you can work with a professional such as a sex therapist to find ways to overcome sexual challenges. You may also find that role-playing with a sex doll may give you confidence you need to help you improve your performance with a real human being.

Journaling is a great way to express your sexual anxiety, your progress with a sex doll, and the areas you feel you might still need help with. Your therapist can go through this journal with you and help you navigate through your emotions in a healthy and safe environment. 

Other ways sex dolls can help

Companies such as California Dolls provide effective solutions for individuals dealing with sexually transmitted diseases or sexual anxiety. These dolls have been designed to look, feel, and sound like a natural human being. They are touch-sensitive, which means they respond to you by verbal communication and facial movement. If an STD is causing you pain of any sorts, be it physical or emotional, there is nothing that says you have to give up sexual relations. A sex doll can be used just like a real human being without the risk or fear of transmitting anything to a partner. They come with removable parts for easy cleaning and artificial intelligence so they can communicate with you. 

For those who find themselves tramatized by a sexual experience but decide they wish to try to become intimate, a sex doll can offer you the security and intimacy you are longing for. They can do whatever you wish and explore your sexual desires at your own pace, all while helping you build the confidence, trust, and health you need to advance yourself sexually and grow as a sexual partner.

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